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Wednesday, November 27

Do not miss chance and buy Litecoin now!!! This is best investment right now!!!

Hello everyone,

This article will not be about HYIP programs, but about two most popular crypto-currencies. I will tell you about biggest Bitcoin follower - Litecoin and how you can multiply your money with Litecoin.

In start of this year when Bitcoin exchange rate started to climb up I bought Bitcoins for $27. After half year when Bitcoin exchange rate climbed up till $290, I exchanged them to dollars. My profit in just half year was 10 (!) times what I invested. Now I regret that I exchanged them at that time, because now as you know exchange rate for one Bitcoin has been from $750 to almost $900. Last few days Bitcoin price stays stable for more then $800. Like I like to say - after a battle, everyone is a general and I'm not sad about my 1000% profit what could now be 3000%. Who knows - maybe Bitcoin exchange rate will reach $1000 or maybe $2000, but for now Bitcoin are really risky because you need big capital in case to invest there and I'm not dealing with them now because exchange rate is shaking too much.

There is some interesting data - in one of last days Bitcoin transferred 418 million US dollars, while Paypal just 397 million US dollars. Now think by yourself what will be future currency in internet what actually just now started to be big.

Ok, back to topic, how to earn from all of this?

First of all do not invest right now in Bitcoin. I will tell you little bit about Litecoin.

Litecoin is second biggest and second popular ctypto-currency right now behind Bitcoin. It just mean that Litecoin most likely will be also important, like Bitcoin. In short - Bitcoin will be gold of internet currency and Litecoin will be like a silver.

Few days ago I decided that I want to buy few Litecoins because value was still under $10. Last three days one Litecoin is up to $20 and sadly I got them for $21 per one LTC. I'm not worried about price, but if I would bought then 3 days ago I would be already in 100% profit. But as I said after a battle, everyone is a general. For now Litecoin exchange rate started to climb up. maybe exchangers from China are starting to add LTC, news portals are starting to write about them. It just means that there is demand and if demand will rise then exchange rate will raise as well. I'm sure after some weeks or maybe months Litecoin will be added to biggest Forex trade platforms and because of that Litecoin exchange rate will grow more then ever before.

My example why I decided to buy LTC (I will use round values, so it will be more easy to understand)

I bought 100 LTC for $20 ($2000 investment), I'm sure that LTC will not reach $900 like Bitcoin, but I'm sure if things will go like they are going there is chances that it can climb up till $200 and then my $2000 will be already $20000. Not bad? Of course there is chance that price can grow up to $500 or more for 1 LTC, but lets not be greedy.

Amount what you can invest is even $1 and there is no difference. Question is just how much you want to multiply your money.

In case if my prognosis are wrong?

It's not a big deal, I think that 1 LTC can drop to $10, but in that case my invested $2000 will become $1000. Anyway what I can loose here is nothing what you can earn with them.

Do not wait when Litecoin exchange rate will climb up more, because while I'm whiting this article Litecoin exchange rate is already climbed up by $1.7.

I personally bought Litecoins by Bitcoin from, shortly:

1) Register account

2) Find where to buy BTC or maybe place where to buy straight LTC.

3) you will wind all wallets (BTC, LTC and others) and exchange your BTC or send your LTC from exchanger to this wallet.

4) Enjoy how your LTC value grow! :) 

I'm sure I will write when you need to stop and sell your LTC, but not now, for now just invest.

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  1. Anonymous11/27/2013

    is it an investment or trading? cox I'm new to all these

    1. Hello, It is kind of investment, you can invest in this "growing economy" and profit from it later.

    2. Anonymous11/28/2013

      Just exchange LTC and wait when it grows, then exchange it and you will get your profit!

      Amazing LTC now is $46... 100% profit every 24 hours!

  2. Anonymous11/28/2013

    can you tell me how to exactly buy LTC ?

    1. I would suggest to exchange it from Bitcoin in some service what offer change to buy LTC, for example

  3. Anonymous11/28/2013

    It is not an investment, it is called gambling. Just with a little better odds. I bought 1,000 at $1.25 so even if it dips to $5 I am not concerned. Not greedy.

    1. Anonymous11/28/2013

      Oh so shares are gambling are they? It's exchanging, there will always be risks present, if you do your research you should do well. Hell I've been doing this for a while now, some days I've lost $3000 but other days I've made up to $9000. Invest lightly, and learn yourself. Don't label it as gambling when it's clearly not.

  4. Anonymous11/28/2013

    Do a trick, jump over a beer and dance how you never danced before!
    That's right, that's the way.. That's the way we do it! :P

  5. Anonymous11/28/2013

    Well actually LTC is doing great but the price is getting high enough that stability is becoming an issue. Personally I would Recomend that people buy a few thousand MEC or megacoin. They are heading the route to where Litecoin is now in price and in the next six month would have a much larger gain on their investment.

  6. Anonymous11/28/2013

    200 * 2000 = 20000?

    1. Anonymous11/28/2013

      1 LTC starts at $10 each. Buys 20 hence $200 total value.
      1 LTC goes to $100 each. Had 20 hence now worth $20,000

      Hopefully that makes sense (:

  7. I have LTC and PPC, but is the PPC worth keeping, say for long term returns?

    1. Anonymous11/28/2013

      There are many speculations about PPC being pumped soon. Problem is pumps are quick so if you aren't quick to sell you can be stuffed. At the moment I've converted all my BTC (123 BTC) into LTC when they were worth $20. I reckon LTC will reach $60 each but will sell all at $52.

  8. It is gambling. What research are you doing to make sure this is a good bet?

    Dwight Schrute: What's the ratio of Stanley Nickels to Schrute Bucks?
    Stanley: The same as the ratio of unicorns to leprechauns.

  9. Anonymous12/06/2013

    It appears that some people are buying their coins. It also appears that others are mining their coins. Obviously, mining is pc intensive and buyers buy from the miners. Or from someone who has already bought from a miner. Also, if you are buying or providing services for coins and not mining, does your computer need to be available at all times? I read something about that somewhere on the web. Thanks

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