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HYIP Weekly Summary

Hello everyone,

One more working week is over and surely it brought some unexpected closures like Eblone and Bloc Limited. Easter period is usual period what brings some unexpected changes, but I know that period after Easter usually is when you see some new/good programs around and I'm surely waiting for some new HYIP games in the next week. For now if you want to know what happened during previous week and what I have to say about that read more in article.

- Listings & Programs -


 * Programs are listed in alphabetical order.

New programs in monitor: Ei Finance Ltd
Scams: Eblone, Grand Forex limited, Bloc Limited
Interesting start-ups: Rainbow Invest, Royal Union Investment
 *(S) Short term, (L) Long term

- Newsletters -

FinMutual newsletters:

FinMutual is program where many investors are already with good profit because they are online 275 days already. This week they started to send out some unusual e-mails about bonuses what they want to offer and for now I would recommend just to observe what is going on with them because usually such offers come only when program is in shortage of money or want to close down soon. Continue to read to find out following developments.
For the past month, we have had a performance based deposit bonus system in place for existing members with active investments (token purchases totaling $5,000 or more). This is a form of a dividend based on our company's performance each week. Each week there has been a variable deposit bonus which could be 5% or as high as 10% each week. We have decided to open up our performance based deposit bonus system to all our inactive and active members alike as well.
Our deposit bonus active now for our members is 8% this week. For a deposit this week you will receive a 8% deposit bonus. This weeks variable bonus expires Friday, April 25th at 5PM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). After this bonus expires, a new variable deposit bonus will be calculated and announced via newsletter shortly after the expiration of this one.
If you have any questions regarding our variable performance based deposit bonus, please open a support ticket or contact us via Skype.
We received an overwhelming amount of support tickets with a few popular questions in the majority of them regarding STP verification and our Bonus system we opened up to our whole membership yesterday. First, let us discuss the Bonus system we opened up yesterday to the whole membership base. It is a system that has been in operation for almost a month and it is a variable bonus system which means each week the amount of percentage bonus varies each week. This weeks bonus is 8% which expires tomorrow, Friday, April 25th at 5PM Eastern Daylight Time.
How does it work? We have also been asked. For example, a $1000 deposit would mean you would earn interest on $1080 (a 8% deposit bonus).
Why did we unveil the system yesterday to everyone? We decided to open up the variable bonus system to everyone, so our entire membership can benefit from it and not just a select portion. We also have the resources, time, and labor to now offer it to everyone.
Additionally, several "hyped" programs have collapsed and we also saw this as an offer to offer those former members of those prematurely collapsed prorams.
Now onto something that differentiates us from many programs in addition to the time we have spent online paying almost 10,000 members for over 273 days. We get asked if our Solid Trust Pay account is verified. It is very much so verified, which can be simply proven by attempting a deposit through our automated system. It is true Solid Trust Pay verification is even more so difficult to achieve. We have been Solid Trust Pay verified corporate members for almost a year now, but a few weeks ago we received the following email from Solid Trust Pay:
"We would like to ask if you could please send any forex trading documents, proof of sustainability and evidence to support the return of investment percentages that your site advertises.
Unfortunately if any company asked for this proof, is not able to produce proper, adequate evidence of trading reports, forex reports, business activity, or how they're able to sustain themselves, it will result in the button request being declined, or turned off."
After providing that evidence, the next email came from Solid Trust Pay:
"In correlation to your business account, could you also provide the following for our records:
-An overall explanation/model of the business you have
-Company's name, corporate registration, EIN number "
We provided the above and became newly compliant with their new stricter policies.
Proof of business activity and sustainability is almost impossible for the majority of our competition if not almost all of them. And even older programs like ours are not immune to changing strict policies. We are now of course fully compliant with Solid Trust Pay and this can be seen by our automated Solid Trust Pay deposit feature in your members area. If you need to make a deposit manually to a program, they are not Solid Trust Pay compliant. All programs are required to become compliant with Solid Trust Pay or risk suspension, older and new.
We received some inquiries since yesterday regarding SolidTrustPay. We understand for many, English is not a first language and might have been confused over our newsletter. Simply put, we are not removing SolidTrustPay. We have done quite the opposite and become compliant under their new regulations. We believe we are the first program to announce our compliance with their new financial regulations. We also made their emails to us public and included that content in yesterday's newsletter. It is also important to know if any investment program asks you to make a manual deposit, they are bypassing the compliance regulations, and will be found out. No one is exempt from these regulations including us who have been using SolidTrustPay for almost a year. Below are excerpts from SolidTrustPay's compliance team on what is required for the new compliance regulations which we have met:
"forex trading documents, proof of sustainability and evidence to support the return of investment percentages that your site advertises."
"You will need to provide evidence of real business activity to generate the funds necessary to provide the interest % you are offering your clients please."
"In correlation to your business account, could you also provide the following for our records:
-An overall explanation/model of the business you have
-Company's name, corporate registration, EIN number"
SolidTrustPay deposits have to be automated on an investment program's website to ensure you are sending funds to a compliant account. You can see our deposits are automated through your account panel with us. We have shared this information regarding the recent changes in regulations with SolidTrustPay as we believe it is important to our members to know as well as for the investment program industry as a whole. The majority of investment programs will be unable to provide the information and documentation they ask for and this is why we believe this information should be public.
We would also like to close this newsletter with if you are submitting a support ticket, please allow extra time for a response as we are currently over capacity with support tickets. Please also do not open duplicate tickets and regarding information already found in our FAQ as this slows down our response time.
Here is our updated schedule for our variable deposit bonus system from today, April 25th, 5:01PM Eastern Daylight Time.
From Friday, April 25th, 5:01PM Eastern Daylight time to Sunday, April 27th, 11:59PM Eastern Daylight time, a 10% deposit bonus will be active for deposits.
From Monday, April 28th, 12 Midnight Eastern Daylight Time to Friday, May 2nd, 5PM Eastern Daylight time, a 5% deposit bonus will be active for deposits.
Deposit Bonus schedules will be updated on Friday's through e-mail newsletters.
Newsletters of FinMutual during this week was mainly about new bonus system and new Solid Trust Pay verification what they have done. Announcing some new bonuses is something what I do not like to see from any program. This is the case also for strong programs like FinMutual, so for now it is better to observe what actually is going on because any bonuses can be bad sign from the program. Then later they talked that they were asked to provide extra documents to Solid Trust Pay, good for FinMutual they were able to provide all the documents what Solid Trust Pay were requesting. Lately Solid Trust Pay is asking for HYIP companies to undergo ridiculous verification process what is quite a funny thing because they are HYIP payment processor and that is the only thing what they are doing.


Bitco Financial newsletters:

Bitco Financial is shiny HYIP project what might feel attractive for old-school HYIP players. For now this project is completely fresh and it is difficult to understand what kind of intentions does admin have, but one thing is clear - project offers attractive investment plans for gambler type of HYIP players and if you want to find out more about Bitco Financial you are welcome to read the review over here.
I would like to introduce myself to all our members. I am Jocelyn Smyth, from Bitco Financial. I am pleased to have met you through this online venture.
This is my first newsletter on behalf of Bitco Financial to all of you. Our team would like to thank each and every one of you for the warm welcome to Bitco Financial. We are glad to announce that Bitco Financial has stirred a lot of positive vibes around here.
We get a lot of queries on how to Deposit using bitcoins. So we would like to mention here the steps to follow if you want to Deposit using Bitcoins.
Bitcoin investors who may not be familiar with this kind of a business opportunity but are interested in more information - may access all the details directly from our website - Our Member Support department will also be able to guide you through any issue that may arise.
Follow the basic SignUp procedure in the website. To do this, click on the SignUp button.
Login to your Bitco Financial account. In the Member Dashboard, click the Deposit link.
It will direct you to the Deposit Page. Fill in all the details in the form and select the Invest Using Bitcoin option.
Click to confirm your deposit.
You will then be directed to the next page.
Fill in the USD value of the Bitcoin you wish to invest and send it to the Bitcoin Address provided.
Then finally, fill in the form provided in the same page and click Save.
This concludes your Bitcoin investment with Bitco
Should you wish to avoid the SignUp process and invest with Bitcoins, click on the Invest Directly With Bitcoin link in the website and proceed.
Kindly go through all the information provided in our website before proceeding. Do contact us should you require any further guidance. We will be glad to assist you through our Member Support Services. 
We just want to send a quick note to everyone that if you are a bitcoin investor, Please don't forget to fill in the form after you send Bitcoins to the corresponding address you see in the deposit page.
Please fill the form with these details you will see there (in the deposit page) : and click "SAVE"
Your Username
Your Email
Compounding %
Your Bitcoin Address
Without these information, your bitcoin transactions can't be verified by the bitcoin network and your investment will not show up in your account. Usually, you will see your bitcoin deposit in your account just after 1 confirmation from the bitcoin network.
We repeat this again because we see some bitcoin investments without confirmations. 
We hope that you have had a great weekend with your family and friends.
Having stepped into our 2nd week online, we are beaming with pride at how successful we have been already - in the world of online investing programs. We would like to thank each one of you for your continuous support and encouragement.
We have been receiving many positive feedbacks from reputed public forums and blogs across the world about and this has given us great hope in permorning beyond every expectation set on us.
Our team has been questioned by our many individuals globally ever since we launched. And we have been doing our best to respond to each one of them.
Now, it is our turn to ask you some questions. Let's see how you know about Bitco Financial!
Do you know:
- that Bitco Financial has reached the milestone of 1000 members in just a week?
- that you can interact, share and post in our official forum with other Bitco Financial members?
- that you can chat with other members and us in the shoutbox made available in the Bitco Financial official Forum?
- that we are active in many social network platforms such as Facebook and Twitter?
- that Bitco Financial has its own official blog that will be updated even if our website faces downtime?
- that we have a phone number that you can contact us through?
- that you can now check to see the withdrawal processing time in the Withdrawal Panel in     your Member Dashboard as you send in your withdrawal request?
- that we have our own Global Financial Rep Program which you may join and some added benefits?
- that we provide ample guidance to those who seek asistance in starting up their own Bitcoin account.
Well, if your answer to all of the above questions was 'I do', then we congratulate you on being updated on everything about us. We will be adding more features and updates along the way.
We would like to remind both the old and new members here to take a look at the review published at Money News Online for it will surely give you a comprehensive, detailed perspective of our Bitco
Finally, we would like to ask Bitcoin investors to inform us of any missing or delayed deposits - should they encounter any.
Usually Bitcoin deposits will show up in your account just after 2 confirmations from the Bitcoin Network. Should there be any delay, it could be due to some error you made during the deposit process. Do contact us and we will help you to sort this out immediately.
Once again, we wish you all a very productive and happy week ahead.
During this week Bitco Financial sent out three newsletters, first of it was more or less like introduction newsletter what explained how to deposit with Bitcoin in the Bitco Financial. Also the second newsletter was just a nice reminder how to correctly deposit with Bitcoin in Bitco Financial. Finally the last newsletter was more or less summary of what has happened during the first week when program were online.


HexFund newsletter:

HexFund is project what offers investment plans with included interest payments for 20 business days. While from outside it does not offer something unique from inside this project is strong and have experienced admin, project is online already 90 days what makes it really attractive to HYIP players.
Plans Changes or the Efficient Market Hypothesis
The company administration made a difficult but correct decision concerning the long-term prospects of the company. We would first like to tell our customers what the stock market is and what direct changes have happened in the Bitcoin binary option market.
The efficient market hypothesis is the hypothesis according to which all the relevant information is immediately and fully reflected in the market value of the security papers. One should distinguish between weak, semi-strong and strong forms of the efficient market hypothesis. This hypothesis was formulated by the American economist Eugene Fama.
To date, the Bitcoin stock market has moved from the weak form efficiency to the semi-strong one. This means that the market value of the assets fully reflects not only the past information, as it was at the time of the previous "weak form efficiency", but also public information (current information that becomes publicly available at present, being provided in the present-day media, in the company reports, public servants statements, analytic forecasts, etc.).
We all know that the higher the form of market efficiency is, the more difficult for the traders is to provide a guaranteed profit, which our company is famous for. In this regard, the HexFund Ltd Manager, David Hactons signed an order on changing the investment portfolios in order to maintain our position and the reputation of our company in the market. Below you can get acquainted with the new investment plans:
Hex Basic 10%
Deposit amount: $10 - 299
Investment period: 20 days
Daily interest: 5.5% of the deposit
Total interest: 110%
Hex Trade 15%
Deposit amount: $300 - 999
Investment period: 20 days
Daily interest: 5.75% of the deposit
Total interest: 115%
Hex Investment 25%
Deposit amount: $1000 - 100,000
Investment period: 20 days
Daily interest: 6.25% of the deposit
Total interest: 125%
It took 3 years to move the market from weak to semi-strong effectiveness; the next step will take at least five years, basing on the development of efficiency forms of such stock exchanges as NASDAQ & FOREX. That is why our customers should not worry that they will suffer from another decrease in profits of the company.
HexFund Ltd cares about its customers and, as many investors made their deposits under higher interest rates, the Fund Administration has made a decision to compensate all underpaid depositors who are planning to remain our company customers in the future. At the expiration of the investment period, each investor can contact our company support, and together with a new deposit, he/she will be recalculated and paid the money that he/she has been underpaid due to the recent changes.
Basically in newsletter they are just saying that they are changing their investment plans. While usually it is bad sign when there is some changes in investment plans with HexFund it can be different story because plans basically stay the same, only interest rate becomes little bit lower.


MMO Ltd. newsletter:

MMO Ltd. is Copy & Paste project what we can see around every day. Thing what makes this project nice is that they offer attractive investment plan what pays 10% daily for 12 calendar days and it will make nice 20% profit when your investment plan will expire.
after a long wait for STP to verify our account, it is finally here, although the deposits have to be added to accounts manually but still it is a big improvement especially for our friends in America and who were asking about it multiple times.
We promised it will be here and now we deliver our promise.
When you want to invest, you can see the STP option, please follow the instructions carefully. We try our best to add the deposit to your account in a matter of few hours, maximum 12.
If you need to add your STP username to your account, please send us an email with your username, security question and answer and STP username, it will be added to your account as soon as possible.
Thank you for your support as always. We strive to continue our services and make profits for everybody.
To be honest I personally did not expected that MMO Ltd. will be able to verity their STP account, but I must congratulate admin for good job and that he was able to do that. Today Solid Trust Pay is not that used as it was before and we can count the last days of Solid Trust pay in our industry. Yes, some might say that Solid Trust Pay is good, but to be honest I do not see any reason to use payment processor what is good just for the HYIP admins.


ForexGHQ newsletter:

ForexGHQ is project what might not stand out among millions of other projects, but it is online already 124 days what just show that they have strong and professional admin. If you want to find out more about this project please read review over here.
We have a good news so I would like to inform that we start accepting Bitcoin in automatic mode. You can find this option in your account menu "Make Deposit". We are trying to provide a best services for our clients so more good updates are coming soon.
This is the shortest newsletter what I received during this week. Basically ForexGHQ just writes that they start to accept widely growing cryptocurrency Bitcoin what more and more investors today choose as their main e-currency because of anonymity and low fees, read more about Bitcoin in the article over here.



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  1. thats very true David. afew weeks back , UnitedHyipLeague scamed 3 hours after i had just deposited 10,500$ !!!
    it was to be a one day thing. Get in and get out. I knew this was risky, but considering how the Hyip was doing at the time and the period of time it had spent online, c'mon,i was like...24hrs won't hurt.
    Guy's i assure you you do not want to go through the same experience i went through.


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