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Exclusive After SCAM Interview

Hello everyone,

Today I want to publish some unbiased interview with HYIP administrator who operated project BioFuelio project what stopped paying more than a week ago. Questions and answers in this interview clearly are not the ones what you will see on ay regular HYIP interview in this industry and I'm confident that this article will help for many investors to see industry from another side. Since interview is very long I suggest to grab some coffee and cookies because it will be worth to read.

1) Introduction and BioFuelio:

First of all introduce yourself to DavidNews.com readers. Was BioFuelio your first project or you have operated some other HYIPs already before?

Hello everybody – David, readers of DavidNews and hyip investors/players all around the world. You can call me Thomas Taylor, it is not my real name, but as an hyip admin I need to choose new name for every new project I run. Before I get to the interview questions I would like to apology for my bad English which is not my native language, but I will do my best. First of all I would like to thank to David for this opportunity to make this special interview and chance to say to the world what I think about hyip industry these days and how I see the future.

Now back to the questions. Biofuelio was not my first hyip project. It actually is the 3rd one. I am not a regular hyip admin, I open projects just from time to time because I love the rush with well working project and I like investing money on speculation and gambling with incomplete information.

BioFuelio was able to last just 10 days, I must personally say that I expected BioFuelio to run for way longer period of time. Why BioFuelio was able to last just 10 days? Did you personally made profit from BioFuelio project?

Biofuelio was a huge disappointment for all parties. 10 days online bring profit just to some of the investors but only to those who played since day one and was lucky enough to take the money out before closing. For me personally it was a huge fail which was partially my fault. Right after the start of Biofuelio I had to take care of some unexpected things at my regular work and I had less time to promote and support the project properly. I think I deserved to be the biggest loser in the project. I end up in a $2500-$2700 loss after refunding all players with secured deposits, which is not much but on the other hand, project could do much better and bring profit to at least somebody if I only managed it better.

At the end I don’t want to make excuses but I think Biofuelio got in a way of a recent scam wave that took down many projects at time when the biggest hyip online – nanoindustry closed it’s doors. Last 3 days online Biofuelio have received close to zero new deposits and end up in a loss every day. Now, the 10th day I had 2 options. I could close immediately with knowing me and many investors will end up in a loss or I could take a gamble and run the site for another 10 days and see if it gets any better. I choose closing for following reasons. According to number of new deposits in last few days and to the fact that market activity is still very low, there was a big possibility of losing $10k-$15k if site is open for another 10 more days, plus the fact there were many new sites open recently didn’t helped either.

If you would have time machine and you would be able to travel back in time what you would do different for BioFuelio project in case to extend lifetime of it?

If I have a time machine I would travel back in time to see dinosaurs alive:). Myself and my graphic were working on Biofuelio for about a month. Once it was done, December came up so I made a decision to wait until January when the industry gets better. Project was finished one month before opening. It was a lot of work to do and we spent many hours working on the site. So when time come to open the site I was quite uncertain whether I should keep the after 1 day type plans or I should make completely new plans to be able to run the site longer and enjoy the work we spent on doing it longer. Well I keep the plans as they were and I think that was the biggest mistake I made. I should have go for something like 5% daily for 30 days plans or something which would give the project about 70-100 days lifetime. The reason why I started an after 1 day program is when I used to be an investor back in the day, I only played after 1 day programs as it was the most fun to play for me so I always wanted to make a successful program of this type.

On the first days many investors noticed that BioFuelio was moved to NOT PAYING status on allmonitors.net, but it turned out that some unreliable HYIP monitor was just asking for extraction fee for you. Is such threatening method common in HYIP industry?

This was quite a story when it lasted – for like 5-10 hours tops and I don’t think it hurt  the project too much. Monitor in talk is the GSmonitor which is one of the oldest monitors in the industry that are still online and if I am not mistaken one of the first offering very high RCB bonuses. This rusty monitor lost his fame long time ago which is something most of experienced admins and investors know. Few days ago they came up with new “testing” listing. Basically if admin don’t want to buy listing on this monitor, they add the program in this test listing without any deposit to the program and start spamming admin to buy listing/banners/RCB bonuses. Well I don’t respond to these kind of offers since only useless monitors do this “marketing” campaigns. They started to blackmail me, post bad words on the forums and put the program on nonpaying status even though I have never bought a listing on their monitor. After many emails from my supporters and program investors and multiple posts on forums, they put the program on paying status again (few days later “waiting” status was on again which I don’t mind). I think this was a very hard lesson for GS, and in only shows to people how desperate can once famous monitor get when became useless and unpopular.

2) About HYIP industry:

Is this industry different than it was years ago? What is different today and what has stayed the same?

Well after the LR close, industry will never be the same again. That’s what everybody knows. What people think or may read on some hyip investment related blogs/forums is it will get better. It won’t. The situation was better 2 years ago than is now.

There are two big reasons why programs these days tend to close earlier than few years ago. There are no new players in the game and money involved in the game tend to dry out. You might not see payment processors fee as a big problem but if you count how many times you invest your money to some program and received them back – it’s the same money all the time but every time you send the transaction one of the parties involved loose transaction fee. Another thing is old investors and admins started to leave the industry lately and take their money with them.

The reason there are no new players anymore is Facebook restrictions and banning Facebook promoters/spammers. Facebook used to be very popular place to promote programs and promoters managed to introduce game to many new players. Now days Facebook bans accounts that are used for spam on daily bases and that’s the reason why many promoters left the industry. I am not quite sure about the situation with vkontakte but I think it has never been that popular place to promote hyips anyways.

Another reason why programs tend to close earlier than few years ago is regular players “learned” how to play and always play with minimal risk involved. This tactic requires to play only with “trusted” and experienced admins and to hit and run. What we get from this is even experienced admins with good intentions don’t have a chance to run the program for as long as they used to.

I think the maximum where admin still may walk away with the profit for a very popular after1day program, with big deposits from the first day, is 8 days online. More than that is just a pure gambling from the admin who will most likely end up loosing. For programs with daily returns and no principal back I think 1-1,5 circles is the maximum. Of course there are some exceptions. Those are usually programs that have got really popular outside of hyip industry and that is exactly type of programs we need to keep the industry alive.

Is there big competition in HYIP market between HYIP projects? Do HYIP administrators somehow fight with each other and are there some methods how they take down competitors?

Well, there is a competition in HYIP industry for sure. Most of the admins advertise all on the same places - on monitors or hyip related blogs/forums so there is always fight for best advertising places. As I said I am not much experienced admin and I don’t exactly see into this, but I am aware of there are some paid posters paid for writing lies about the competition. I found this the worst way of promotion your program and I would like to believe this “promotion” tactic slowly disappearing from the industry.

I personally think that Bitcoin can change HYIP industry if people will start to use it more. What do you think about Bitcoin and do you think it have future with HYIP?

Well I had the same feeling like you about a year ago when Bitcoin was introduced to hyips. Bitcoin was the reason why OilRigContractors – the best after1day program in last 2 years got so popular and why it lasted for so long and many unexperienced investors invested/lost huge chunk of money in it. At that time I thought Bitcoin will completely own the market and 80% of investors will use it. The price for 1BTC was $500. Now its $180-$300 and I don’t think Bitcoin can help the market anymore. One thing is it’s way too unstable and the second problem is Ponzi “hyip industry” became extremely unpopular in Bitcoin community. I don’t think Bitcoin will play any major role in hyips until it get more stable and Bitcoin investors will start seeing hyips as gambling game again and not pure stealing as it is for now.

3) About HYIP monitors:

There are countless HYIP monitors out there; do you have something to say about them? What do you think about RCB monitors, are they reliable?

Well as always there is good and there is bad. There are few (very few) good RCB monitors in the market that are able to promote the program well and bring many good investors. But most of them are just pure crap. I personally don’t understand why admins keep buying listing on monitors that are only good for $10 hit n run investors. These $10 players don’t help the program nor monitor in any way - usually using multiple accounts on multiple monitors just to get first deposit bonus from RCB monitor. I think time has come for monitors to stop supporting this “investing” tactic and stop offering high bonuses for such a small deposit amounts. They would do much better if they used the listing fee money for reinvestment bonuses or for higher deposit bonuses for regular players.

If you would need to help other HYIP administrators what would be the list of HYIP monitors what you would suggest to purchase today? Are you one of those administrators what think that more monitors is better?

I am definitely not one of them. My tactic is to buy only the best monitors and hyip monitoring services as is your blog which became very popular lately. If someone asked me how I (would like to) see the future of hyip monitoring I would say reliable blogs like yours on one side and rcb monitors with insurance like ISA (instantscamalert.com) on the other side. I am so tired of rusty old monitors who only collect RCB and showing paying status of programs even 14 days after program has stopped paying to all but these monitors.

There is this tool called “allmonitors.net” what many investors follow, do you think that rating system “more monitors purchased - better” is reliable? What do you think about “Trusted monitors” section on allmonitors.net?

For me as an experienced investor I get better opinion about the program if I see it’s listed only on some of the best monitors because I see it’s being run by an experienced admin. For unexperienced investors more monitors is probably better so now the question is who do you (as an admin) want to impress more? Regular player who know how to play or a newbie who might make a mistake and invest too much or to the wrong program plan? I think you need to find fine balance between these two.

Trusted and general monitors sections on am.net are a bit inaccurate. Some monitors in trusted section are very old and rusty and with very low information value for investors and opposite to that some trial monitors have been really popular lately and should be moved to higher sections.

What is your opinion about MNO? Has David won battle with “Goliath” Paul?

I like to read both MNO and your blog. It’s good that you two guys have both different opinion on some things and it’s good you both like to compete with each other. This is what monitors like GSmonitor don’t get. They lost their chance to fight very long time ago.

4) About HYIP administrators and you:

How did you personally arrive in HYIP industry? Was you investor yourself or you immediately started with HYIP administration?

At first I was an investor few years back. I played mostly in after 1 day programs and I always played for higher amounts. For me it was a form of gambling I lost and I won many times, I have never thought of it as a job, it was always a hobby for me. I haven’t been playing lately as an investor anymore because I don’t find any fun in it anymore. The thing is industry has changed in a big way. Thing I loved the most was to play for big money in one or two programs and see the money grow. Yea that’s an ultimate risk and that’s nothing regular players would advised you to do . Now even $500 deposit is a very big deposit, returns are usually too small compare to the risk and yes, programs don’t usually last that long as they used so I don’t play anymore.

How much time does HYIP administration takes from administrator life? Is running a HYIP like part time activity of administrator regular life?

Running especially after1day program with manual withdrawals takes you so much time you don’t have time for anything else. While running Biofuelio I was under a lot of pressure because I knew I don’t have enough time to do my work and run after1day program at the same time properly. Running a successful after1day program takes you many hours daily and what is the most important is you need to be online every 3-4 hours to proceed the withdrawal requests otherwise people would start posting things like “withdrawal request pending for 3 hours! What is going on?” which is of course not a good thing even though every program has 12 - 24 hours to proceed the withdrawal requests.

In your mind what would be profile of average HYIP administrator? Where in the world he is located and how old he is? Do you think HYIP projects are more operated by man or woman?

Well few years ago you could find a hyip admin anywhere in the word. As stakes got much lower during past years I don’t think there are many USA or Europe admins anymore as it’s not worth the risk for them. Of course most of the admins are from Russia but I think many newbie admins have recently joined from India or Vietnam but it is just my guess as I don’t have many information about it.

I would say most of the admins are men but there are a lot of women in the industry too. They usually work as supporters of the programs, posting payment proofs on the forums, answering questions of investors or working as an online support for programs.

Is it true that many HYIP administrators make thousands out of HYIPs? Is it possible for someone to make money just by operating HYIP project? I’m asking this just because we usually see shiny statistics in HYIP websites and sometimes seems that administrators are making millions out of HYIPs.

Yea for a regular hyip admin it should be no problem make living out of operating hyips. It’s got much worse past few years and that’s the reason why so many professional admins left the hyip industry. I know some admins who run 1-2 quick scam every month and make living out of it but I don’t consider this as a job or something you should be proud of.

What are you planning to do next? Are you planning to make some another HYIP or maybe you have some offline activities what you plan to do in your life?

Well as I said before I only run hyip from time to time. I will wait for now to see if industry get any better and I might be back with some new project in a spring season. I will definitely not make the same mistake again and if I ever open any new project it won’t be after1day plan. I was thinking about something like 5% daily for 30 days with no principal back, but as always I want to come with something new.

5) Other questions:

Maybe you have some suggestions for investors how to choose right HYIP projects in time when we see so much fast scams around?

First of all make sure you play hyips only for fun and with money you can afford to loose. Playing hyips is something you should do with money you would use for playing roulette or for going out for a drink. There are many people who will advise you where to invest and tell you not worry about it because it’s a sure bet. It is not. Never was and never will be. It’s your money and you should decide where to spend it. Read davidnews blog. David will give you his honest opinion on programs, not just simply tell you invest here invest there. Another thing you should do is go though the program you would like to make an investment in and check how complex the program is - whether it has good design, texts, videos and multiple pages. This is how you find out how much work did admin put into the program and you might get a feeling about how serious he is with running it. But remember every program can close second you join, so always be careful.

In the end I would want to thank you for such un-ordinary interview and maybe do you have something to say or wish to DavidNews.com readers?

I would like to thank you David for complying with my request of doing this special interview. I wanted to say to the world something more than just pure lies about the program so that’s the reason why I wanted to make this special interview. At the end I would like to apology for not being able to release this interview in time when Biofuelio is still online but that’s the way things go sometimes.


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