Monday, April 18

Weekly Summary

Hello money maker,

Another stable week is over and during previous week several projects have joined, and I'm sure that also these projects are competitive enough to bring us success (financially I mean) for every one of us. Apart from that, all monitored projects are performing well and sure thing that this week will continue on the same wave. But for the now little rewind of the previous week.

 - Listings & Programs -  

Paid from Golden Stage listing: Amazing5, Ardex Funds, Billionearn, Bitera, Capital7, CCC Wealth, COMEX Brokerage, Dowerly, Forex King, Global Market, iBanker, PayGet, Poker Adv, ROMBALL, SaliPay, Shareholder IC
Paid from Sticky listing: Copper Trade Pro, Cryptonus
Paid from Standard listing: Bitcoin 365 Club, Ksakep
* Programs is listed in alphabetical order.

New programs in monitor: Global Market, CCC Wealth
Scams: -
Interesting start-ups: -

- In Short -  


Global Market - Low return golden stage project but the thing that makes it attractive is that it offers "lifetime returns". Lifetime returns just mean that when you will invest you will receive interest for an unlimited term (or till the moment when the project will close down).
CCC Wealth - This is a project that clearly follows best HYIP standards of today and offers investment plans that are popular and have proven previously that they can work out. Will this be the same case time will show, but I hope for the best over here as well.

- Newsletters -


PayGet newsletters:

When I added this project, I assumed that it will be popular, but seems like people enjoy investment plan of this project very much, and that is the key to its success. If you still do not know what kind of investment plan this project offer take a quick look at monitoring section, and I'm sure you will like it as well.
The number of our investors constantly and steadily grows as the excellent investment offer from PayGet and perfect round-the-clock payments in completely automatic the mode and accurately according to the established schedule directly on your purse it is fine!
It can confirm to any of our investors, and the number of our investors has at the moment exceeded 4000 people.
We by convention award our new investors for their decision to join earnings in our Company.
3900 investor: rose22 of $10
4000 investor: Heckantrieb of $100
4100 investor: hadimour of $10
4200 investor: elashraf of $10
We remind, for receiving a prize winners of a daily action need to contact within 24 hours our support service.
Don't forget that to get profit in PayGet surprisingly simply!
Ladies and gentlemen, dear investors!
Behind PayGet two weeks of stable work - 14 days flawless automatic payments for our wallets investors!
What have the honor to congratulate all and remind you that this is only the beginning of our long journey.
We continue to develop and the tradition of our award-hundredths of investors.
And today is:
4300 Investor:  ggcamilito $ 10
4400 Investor:  sm200796419 $ 10
4500 Investor:  AHMED $ 10
Remember to get the prize winners of the daily actions must be within 24 hours to contact our support team.
Do not forget to make a profit in PayGet Amazingly Simple!
PayGet - profit machine!
Today there was very interesting and eventful day!
Today for certain will be remembered by much as remarkable day of a surplus of adrenaline as today the PerfectMoney payment service provider managed to tickle nerves to our clients and investors.
In peculiar PerfectMoney to a manner (by the way if someone doesn't know that it is not a rarity) this payment service provider was temporarily inaccessible without announcement of technical works. Her website just didn't open and API was inaccessible.
During this inaccessibility both our partners, and our investors fairly managed to suffer prolonged anxiety (though of course not everything but only that part which uses PerfectMoney).
After all 10 hours of inaccessibility of EPS are not jokes!
At the moment of not operability of PerfectMoney we naturally had no opportunity to accept payments on this payment service provider, and respectively couldn't make on her payments.
It is necessary to notice that on all other payment service providers which are available for us reception of deposits and payment happened in the regular mode and without any incidents.
During shutdown of PerfectMoney our program automatically continued to carry out charges to investors and after renewal of stable work of PerfectMoney all our investors, thanks to service of our technical support, received the added means and any cent wasn't lost or not paid.
It should be noted that today it was the only trouble, but it was safely resolved – PerfectMoney works again and all means are paid to investors.
As for our company, it continues to develop successfully what we congratulate all on.
We continue our action – rewarding of every 100-th investor and today at us in the list of prize-winners:
4600 investor: abdalico of $10
4700 investor: TAICHINHTRUCTUYEN of $10
4800 investor: Mika of $10
4900 investor: ceyhun333 of $10
We remind, for receiving a prize winners of a daily action need to contact within 24 hours our support service.
Don't forget that it is surprisingly simple to get profit in PayGet!
PayGet – profit on the automatic machine!
Today in our company the 5000th investor is registered!
It is necessary to notice that the 5000th investor is the next pleasant stage of development PayGet which once again proves that we are on a right way and constantly we develop.
It is possible to list long what such popularity of our company is caused in investors, but we think it it doesn't make sense as advantages at us really much, and they are obvious.
And still, undoubted advantage which should be noted is naturally our accurate automatic payments directly on purses of investors according to the schedule and in time.
So, today we award our 5000th investor with a prize of $100.
5000 investor: samydime
On it it is necessary to report that we stop our action of rewarding of our new investors.
Why and why we do it? Very simply.
Our investment program remarkable, payments to investors arrive in due time, the referral program 10-5-2 promotes that that investors shared information and distributed information on PayGet, but in too time there are people who distribute information and attract new investors and those who just invested means and get profit.
Many people for active advertizing use various resources which anyway demand financial expenses. It is clear, that the profit on our referral program covers these financial injections, but nevertheless we have decided to thank all people who are actively advertizing our company.
From now on we have decided to express gratitude and to financially thank all our investors who actively distribute information on PayGet.
For all those who actively inform PayGet a new action!
Two nominations are provided in a new action:
Active investors (total of investors with deposits)
1 place – $300
2 place – $200
3 place – $100
New registration (total of registration at the investor)
1 place – $100
2 place – $50
3 place – $20
The end of an action and definition of winners will happen on April 24, 2016 at 0:00 Moscow time.
Rewarding of winners will take place on April 25, 2016.
Earn, receive, invite in our company and don't forget that it is surprisingly simple to get profit in PayGet!
PayGet – profit on the automatic machine!
Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear investors – two good news from PayGet!
First good news.
Today many visitors of our website instead of the website have seen prompt with the text: "Moving site to another server..." have also been fairly surprised and excited with this fact.
The matter is that we daily develop and there were just not enough capacities of the former server in order that our program automatically made charges and payments.
We urgently needed to increase the passing ability and to increase extent of processing of the entering and outgoing data.
Unfortunately, technical features do possible carrying out this procedure only at temporary inaccessibility of the website.
As a result at transfer of the website on more powerful server our website was temporarily inaccessible.
For transfer of the website we have tried to choose night time as much as possible to minimize his inaccessibility and to make transfer of all website and the database (that has successfully been made by us).
If all of you have seen that the website is inaccessible it means only that you have seen inaccessibility of the most graphic display of the website and it isn't reflected in our investment program in any way as remembers all charges and payments and our database which has been successfully moved by us on a new hosting stores in itself.
It means that, as before, as well as always all our investors received, and will receive all charges and payments in time and in time.
Transfer of the website on the new server it was technically rather difficult technical, but timely and necessary decision and it is necessary to notice that our experts have successfully coped with him.
After transfer of the website on the new server all investors, will receive all put payments as before in time and in time.
Moreover, we are ready to repeated increase in load of our website, and the tendency to growth of loading is quite obvious.
Perhaps interruptions in work of the website 4/17/2016.
Second good news.
In fact the second good news is a specular reflection of the first news, but with addition of the reporting and some figures.
Our marketing, referral system and continuous timely payments directly on purses of our investors promoted that the number of investors of PayGet constantly grows and together with this growth there is considerable load of our server.
Data processing several times exceeds possibilities of this server and the question of transfer of the website on another a serer was obvious.
Only for the current days we have reached more than 600 registration of new investors!
The number of our investors at the moment already exceeds 6000 people and it undoubtedly speaks about enormous popularity of our resource.
By the way, you thought what it is possible to measure popularity of this or that website and especially investment project?
Alexa indicator? The number of comments and responses on the website? Growth of a traffic and number of visits?
For certain at everyone they you are the criteria according to this or that investment project.
For us undoubted criterion is and remains – PAYMENTS!
Payments to investors are more eloquent than different clever and beautiful words say that this or that investment program is live and efficient.
All know that the best indicator is a result!
So, as a result, today we have paid to investors more than $50 000 and it is necessary to notice that all payments arrived in time and in time.
Nominal further to support the high status taken by us we have made transfer of the website on more powerful server.
Already soon our technical specialists will fix all problems which can theoretically arise in the course of transfer of the website and, as before all our investors will be able to receive all payments in time and in time.
Thanks for your help and support.
We 24 hours a day work for improvement of our program.
Reminds that us already more than 5000, we are on the new server, and we have paid to our investors more than $50 000...
All combined says that we are on a right way and ahead all of us have enormous prospects!
Don't forget that it is surprisingly simple to get profit in PayGet!
PayGet – profit on the automatic machine!
Dear investors!
We remind that at the moment we carry out transfer of the website on more powerful server as resources of former have practically come to an end, and a tendency to increase in number of our investors just enormous.
In this regard us the right decision has been made only - to carry out transfer of the website on more powerful servers.
To carry out transfer of the website with the minimum difficulties for investors we have chosen date Sunday April 17 as theoretically this time load of the website has to be minimum.
Transfer of the website with the database is not moving with a traveling bag or a bag of potato (as it seems to much).
Transfer of the website on other server and copying of the database is rather difficult technical process which takes some time and at the moment works on transfer of the website are still continued.
During transfer of the website our users can face various difficulties on access to the website, display of information, etc., etc.
Once again we report that at the moment all our experts work on full transfer of the website and to restoration of his full working capacity and functionality.
You shouldn't fill up our support service with questions that something not so or not correctly functions.
We make a maximum of efforts for the fastest complete recovery of all functionality.
We will report about completion of works in addition.
Believe, we are extremely interested in that, as before all our news came to an end with the phrase:
Don't forget that it is surprisingly simple to get profit in PayGet!
PayGet – profit on the automatic machine!
Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear investors!
We have very good news!
Today on April 17, 2016 we have carried out transfer of the website on the powerful dedicated server and now our website functions in the usual standard mode.
Today for all personnel of PayGet there was not a banal day off, but very difficult day as transfer of the website without loss of functionality this very difficult technical solution with which our experts have successfully coped!
In the course of transfer of the website there were certain difficulties with his use. We have tried to minimize all difficulties for our users, but nevertheless they after all arose.
Thanks to all of you for patience, understanding and support!
At the moment all difficulties remained behind and now PayGet on the new server can develop and conquer surely all new and new peaks!
The website is completely efficient and perfectly works.
Also, we reminds that we have decided to express gratitude and to financially thank all our investors who actively distribute information on PayGet.
Action for all those who actively inform PayGet!
In our action there are two nominations:
Active investors (total of investors with deposits)
1 place – $300
2 place – $200
3 place – $100
New registration (total of registration at the investor)
1 place – $100
2 place – $50
3 place – $20
The end of an action and definition of winners will happen on April 24, 2016 at 0:00 Moscow time.
Rewarding of winners will take place on April 25, 2016.
Earn, receive, invite in our company and don't forget that it is surprisingly simple to get profit in PayGet!
PayGet – profit on the automatic machine!
When it comes to newsletters without any doubt I can say that administrator of PayGet is one of the most active ones.  Within previous week administration sent out countless newsletters that are published above.

Most of the newsletters cover one thing - a growth of project and increase of investor amount. For example in the first newsletter that was sent out administration congratulated 4000th investor but on one of the latest newsletter investor number grew up to 6000. To celebrate growth each lucky investor that joined like 4100th, 4200th received some small bonus.

One big topic that was covered in the middle of the week was Perfect Money downtime that affected the project and payments to Perfect Money wallets were delayed. Just to note - now everything is back as usually, and no problems will occur if you will deposit now.

Another topic was referral contest where everyone can participate and make up to $100 additional profit. What you have to do - just refer new investors who will deposit into the project and if you have referred the most investors until 24th of April, you might find your name among the winners.

Finally, the administration also informed that they have moved to new server, and all activities of the project continue flawlessly.


SaliPay newsletter:

Very low return project that offers return 0.30% up to 0.60% daily until your investment reaches 150% return. Yes, daily gain is tiny, but that just mean that this project is aimed for long operation. It is monitored for 175 days at this moment, but to be honest, I still think that it can be a good place where to invest. More details you will be able to find in the review over here.
What is Lucky Draw? Lucky Draw is a new feature inside our Investment Program. With it you can grab the chance to earn the full 110-300% of your investments FASTER.

How does this work? If you turn on Lucky Draw for your investment, you will earn 10% less every day. This 10% will go into an internal SaliPay account. Every midnight a drawing will be held where one lucky position is selected and PAID IN FULL without waiting for the daily payments!

What can I lose? By enabling Lucky Draw you can lose nothing! The only downside would be that your investment will take a little bit longer to reach the promised returns if you never get lucky in the midnight drawing. The worst-case scenario would be waiting 10% longer for your investment to earn it's full promised returns which would be 18 days on our longest-term plan.

Can I turn it off for one position and have it turned on for another? Absolutely YES! Lucky Draw can be turned on or off for any of your investments anytime inside Your Account Area / Your Investments page.

I like it! How to turn it on? Lucky Draw has been automatically turned on for every revenue sharing position! In case you do not want to participate, you can turn it off anytime by going to Your Account Area / Your Investments page!
The project offers a new feature called "Lucky Draw" what offers you to reach 150% return faster. I'm not very sure how this will work in the reality and if there will be real winners, but I'm certain that there will be people that will like this option. More information in the member area.


Forex King newsletter:

One of the leader projects today undoubtedly is Forex King, and it is monitored for almost 100 days by Of course, there are projects that are monitored for longer periods, but with Forex King you can make starting from 2.1% daily what is quite a lot, and other projects do not offer such high yield. Recently I published an interview with the administrator and if you have the interest to read it click here.
Hello Dear Clients and Guest,
Forex King has been online for a really long time, and we are as much excited as you are, to have achieved such a great milestone. We have gone through many achievements during our online journey so we are trying our best to provide excellent services for long term perspective.
But Forex King is rewriting the history of all programs. This is just the beginning of our very huge and successful journey that is lying ahead. This is just a spark of a huge flame. We bet you will be surprised when you see even more such interviews in future, a third interview, a fourth one, and even a fifth one. This is not something which is impossible, because anything is possible for Forex King, and we have already proved ourselves to be the best program in the industry.
Forex King is the perfect choice for you to make money. We are here to you to help you change your financial freedom. Only Forex King makes it possible for you.
Our Alexa stat speaks everything about us. Those stats are a proof for everyone to know how popular we are, and know how trustworthy we are. The traffic rank of Forex King has attained an unbelievable rank of 13700, which means that we are now among the top 15,000 websites around the world. We have more members from every place in the world, and our payment processors are getting flooded with so much of deposits daily. Many members are just investing and investing, because they believe in Forex King. Some members have even made deposits of amounts exceeding $40,000, and this just shows how much trustworthy, safe, and secure Forex King is a place to have your money invested.
Forex King is the place where you can get great percentage of your invested money in just one month time. Forex King is the only place where you can invest your money with minimum risk. Forex King has the safest and most profitable business model. We have strategized our business model to cater the needs of members who come from all aspects of life. We are open for all members across the globe, and we provide our service equally to everyone.
Now let us get into something which you all have been waiting for.
We just updated our referral program so we have a 5%-2.0%-1.5% Multi-Level referral commission from every deposit of your direct referral – an investor whom you have invited personally through your personal referral link. So, you will get 5% of the deposits of your personally introduced referrals, 2.0% of the deposits made by you second-line referrals (the people invited by your first-line referrals) and 1.5% of the deposits of your third-line referrals (the people invited by your second-line referrals)
Another good news for our promoters and persons who want to get extra money from bring referrals. You are able to get additional 5% bonus from every referral who made external deposit more than $2,500
Also I am pleased to announce winners of our Contests.
There are china(china), Chris Cross (The Dude), Orlando Vecellio (geld-plus), Michael Anthony (mikejanthony), Marie Miller (billionaire), Ron Armstrong (pawpawron), Muhammet Bulat (isirganotu), marco nop (marco11), Sandy Armstrong (Sandya), tanker (tanker), Joanna Muneca (Muneca), Teodore Gulliotare (Guntrain) , Rashman Olafur (rasmeidirtrider),
Gerome (HawaiiRRS)
We would like to congratulate all the winners, on behalf of the whole Forex King community, for having grabbed the amazing cash prizes. Our very HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS to all winners!
We have more exciting contests, and implementations, coming in our way. Stay tuned for those. As we had mentioned in one of our newsletters, when the other programs become a history, we will be here, being the present, and the future.
Thank you for staying with us.
When the administration announced referral contest, some said that project will close soon, but administration proved that this is not the case and in the newsletter recently announced winners of cash prizes. Apart from winners administration covered topics of statistics and growth of this project what is just amazing and I would like to see more projects like this around the web.


So much about the previous week but I'm sure we all are looking forward to this week, and I can already say that several HYIP reviews are waiting in the line to be published so stay tuned for that! Remember that we can all meet in the chatbox and if you have anything to say or ask just drop your post over there! Have a successful week ahead!

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