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Weekly Summary (15.02.17.)

Hello money maker,

Although the previous summary article was published two weeks ago, I must say that lot has been changed within this period, and many new projects have been added to Of course, like in real live only strongest will survive and following weeks will show which projects are fighters and which are not. But I'm sure that for many of you will be interesting to look what has happened within the previous period, so sit back and enjoy the summary article.

 - Listings & Programs -  

Paid from Golden Stage listing: Dowerly, Edelweiss 5, German Experts, Poker Adv, Richmond Berks, Right Rise, Soft Mining, Sport Arbitrage, SumWex, Weollee, Why Not
Paid from Sticky listing: CryptoFinance Group, PALMILLS, Tea House, Union Trade
Paid from Standard listing: CoinTransfer, Fenus Five, Investify, Ksakep, OptimaBit, Passive Loan, Viriona, Xabo
* Programs is listed in alphabetical order.

New programs in monitor: Richmond Berks, OptimaBit, Why Not, Investify, Union Trade, Soft Mining, SumWex, Tea House, Fenus Five, CryptoDigger
Scams: -
Interesting start-ups: -

- In Short -  


Richmond Berks - If you have already noticed then this project has already been reviewed. I do not want to go into much detail, but it is very impressive, just check out the review to find out more information about it over here.
OptimaBit - Very simple project that has few attractive features - one and the most important is well-made investment plan that will be attractive for many players around HYIP industry. Review of this project will be published later today here, so stay tuned!
Why Not - Some might say that this is an educational project, but it is another HYIP what offers you investment plan where your deposit will be locked in. Also this project I aim to review over today, and if you would like to read more about it than you must wait till evening or simply check monitoring section for additional details.
Investify - A high-risk hourly project where you can make up to 0.4% hourly. In this project, you can break-even quite quickly, and I'm sure that this project will not run forever, but at the same time, I'm quite confident that early investors will make a profit. By the way - it accepts only Bitcoin as a payment option.
Union Trade - If you have been in this industry around for a while, you will agree with me that this is pure classical HYIP that has all the features that HYIP needs. Even it is listed just on the Sticky listing I believe that it is quite a competitor for already existing projects out there. Review of this project will also be published this week.
Soft Mining - When this project started, I was quite skeptical about it because I judged it by its looks. You know there is a saying "Don't judge a man by the size of his hat," and this is such case - a project still today after being online for 40 days is doing great, and that is the reason why you can find it here on today. More in the review later this week.
SumWex - An interesting project that uses entirely custom script that I have not seen around in any previous project. I'm not sure how, but everything is working on one page. I will take a deeper look when I will do a review of it, but for now I can say that project is doing very well.
Tea House - This tea project has been a sleepy project for some time, and I see now that only five days ago it started wider advertising. What will come out of this project I don't know, but it looks attractive, and already now there are people that are playing it, and most likely it will get just more and more popular.
Fenus Five - The typical after-one-day project, but this time administration has made it visually more attractive if we compare with rival after-one-day projects. You know - first comes, first gets and with such projects you can earn well, but it is important to get out of them at the right time. More information about it in the review later this week.
CryptoDigger - Completely new project that will be liked by a big part of investors because investment plan of it is quite attractive. The project offers you to make 50% profit within 50 days, yes that is not a huge profit, but it assures that project will be operational for a long time if everything will be done right by the administration.

- Newsletters -



Why Not newsletters:

As I said this project seems like an educational project, but more information about it I will publish later today here on, so stay tuned for that.
Dear friends, the 6th of February is a significant date for our project! We have been pleasing you by innovations and stable working for 30 days! There were many positive aspects in our project during this month.
- Our website was adapted for the users from Germany, Vietnam, China, Russia, Korea, and Turkey!
- To ensure our working is absolutely transparent and to give an ability to monitor your with your partners’ progress, we have added additional tabs on the home page: "Top users" and "News"!
- The number of participants is more than 2000 persons and the total sum of investments is more than 100.000$ to date!
- Was added a chat for the project participants, which helps you to know first about all the news. In the near future, you will have an opportunity to participate in various contests and actions that will take place in our chat!
- We have kept all our promises and have fulfilled all the goals!
- Was added a new investment plan for “huge” investors (from 1000$ to 9999$ - 3.3% per day, 12.5% referral bonus)! 
08.02.17 we start an action "Weekly Marathon"!
The Terms of the action:
- In the period from 08.02.17 to 15.02.17 invite partners, which total sum of investments will be more than 300$!
- If you have completed this condition, send your login to the email marked "Weekly Marathon".
- All the winners will receive 10% of the deposit amount of the invited participants!
The impossible will be regular - Why Not!
Dear friends! Today we have made a giant step in the development of the project “Why Not”! Thanks to the efforts of our team and to investors of the website, we have turned from a small team of independent traders and investors into a big company. You can find all the documents in the tab "About us". Our staff was raised two times and many new fronts were opened! A lot of companies would envy the growth rate of “Why Not” and the geographical location of our investors. In honor of this significant event, we have prepared a lot of interesting actions, bonuses and lotteries for you, which you should find in the near future!
As from today, we all are a part of the company “Why Not Investment LTD”!
Administration of this project clearly like to publish a lot, in past period several newsletters has been published and the first one talked about 30-day online period. Yes, 30 days for the project might seem a lot, because in early stage investors just test the project and invest big only later. Additionally, administration takes about a new lottery where if you have deposit bigger or equal of $300 you can send an e-mail to administration and one lucky winner each week will receive 10% of this deposit. Finally, the administration is talking about incorporation documents that now are available for everyone to see in "About us" section.


Right Rise newsletters:

I have repeated myself several times that this is one of the most popular HYIP projects that you can find in HYIP industry these days. The project is paying well for more than 100 days, and I must say that it is the very impressive result and I hope to see it online for additional 100 days. More in the review that you can find in the monitoring section.
Today was added translation to the Turkish language.
We will continue to add translations until all the languages would be added. 
The support is receiving hundreds of questions about the statistics review in your backoffice. In this regard, we have added in each of the four blocks the link ("Calculation") with details in the popup window. There you will find complete information on how you got that sum equivalent to USD. 
Due to unexpected problems in our datacenter our site was offline for some time. Now the problem is solved and site is working fine. We are sorry for the inconvenience. 
Today the Arabic language translation was added.
We will continue to add translations until all the languages would be added.
Newsletters that were published in the previous period are talking about new language localizations (although the Arabic language I was not able to find in language selector menu) and improvements to both website and server. Yes, several other people and I noticed that website was quite slow in previous weeks, and I hope that administration has moved to better and more stronger server that will handle all people that visit this project.

Dowerly newsletter:

This project is something like a Sleepy project; it has been online for more than 400 days, and still, it keeps paying well. I do not know how many people are taking part in this project, but since it is online 400 days, I believe that number must be very impressive. More in the review over here.
Due to increased Bitcoin network fees we had to increase minimum Bitcoin withdrawals to $1.00. This decision was made to prevent paying huge fees for small withdrawals (for example: withdrawals of $0.50 or less can cost $0.50 in fees)
I like that administration of this project does not publish much, but publish only when there is something important to say. Like this time - administration informs everyone that minimum withdrawal for Bitcoin has been increased to $1 what is just reasonable because the fee for Bitcoin payments grew in last year several times.

Richmond Berks newsletters:

If you still have not read review of this project then check it out here. What can I say - the project is truly professionally done and I have not seen anything better lately. Right now it is online for more than 80 days and it is up to you if you consider this project fresh or not, if you still consider it as fresh than join it right away because it truly is one amazing opportunity what should not be missed.
Japanese language is now available in our website . You can use the language switch in the top menu of our site, to change the language. Soon, email newsletters will also be localized. Keep for updates. 
Time is running, and our company is growing and expanding. We are pleased to announce about conclusion of formal partnership with several European investment funds, thus increasing sphere of our activity and also our opportunities. From now in European direction of the company Richmond Berks has acquired LP (Limited Partnership) status . Thanks to this, we expect increasing turnovers and market capitalization. This is a significant step in the development of work in Europe, and an important aspect of preparation for entering the IPO!
On our site there is new language - Russian. To change the language, use the switch at the top of our website. Invite your partners from these countries, now our company has become even more accessible for them! 
The contest with $20 000 prize is about to start. Download our mobile app to get a notification and conditions of the contest when it starts. 
With the increasing level of capitalization of the Richmond Berks company, we announce the increase of interest income by 0.1%! Now your daily income of 1.5%. And income accrued on the weekends is 0.7%.
If you have already made investments, then to make a profit of 1.5% daily, you need to invest any amount on your account later.
In the 2016 report of the company you will see more information about level of the company capitalization, as well as the pace and pattern of financial data growth. The report can be found here. 
We invite you to the conference, which will take place in Vilnus, Lithuania, at the Radisson Blu hotel. Get into to the conference can anyone.
Bring your friends and like-minded people, meet with other investors and have a lot of new and interesting information. And, of course, no one will leave with empty hands! For all conference participants we prepared presents.
Date: 16 Feb
Time: 17:00
Conference Location: RADISSON BLU HOTEL LIETUVA, VILNIUS, Konstitucijos pr. 20, LT - 09308 Vilnius
The entrance is free
Limited number of seats. Beforehand write down to conference by the phone.
Contact phone: +37126834248
Contact person: Tadas Zhilinauskas 
Now on our website available new currency - EUR. You can use this currency using the payment systems: Perfect Money, Advcash, Payeer.
If you have any questions, our support team will gladly answer on it.
I'm one of these people that do like when I receive e-mails, but sometimes much is too much. This is the case also here, and I must warn you - I did not publish all newsletters because many were not relevant anymore or were just stories from investors that are sent to everyone. So, talking about what I published I must inform you that if you live in Lithuania (I know from Google Analytics statistics there are several readers from there) then tomorrow, there is a conference about this project, so it might be worth to visit it.

Aditionally administration is talking about profit increase from 1.4% daily up to 1.5% daily. Does not sound much for some, but this way you will make 0.5% more each week. Two new languages have been added, and administration informs you that you need to download app since soon there will be a chance to get $20 000 prizes for one lucky winner.

Soft Mining newsletter:

As some of you might know, I was quite unsure about this project, but it is proving that I was wrong and it consistently brings profits for investors. While 0.95% up to 1.25% daily for an unlimited term is not very much, I believe that project still is at an early stage since it is online just around 40 days, so if you still want to invest there then I believe that project is quite relatively safe.
The core activity that provides the basis for the Bitcoin economy is the production of coins
Bitcoins are produced through a process that emulates real world mining in principle.
Bitcoin mining has been simplified for everyone to be able to understand and enter the market. However it takes some research and learning to master the topic. With the wealth of information available online, it is important to structure the information and use brick and mortar examples to internalize the mechanics of Bitcoin. 
Dear Miners
We add new deposit Gateway.
That is AdvCash.
I do not understand what the point of publishing newsletter like the first one that you see published is, but I guess administrator had some idea behind it. The second newsletter informs us about more important fact - new payment system AdvCash has been added. I do not know how big is AdvCash, but judging from the fact that many projects start to accept it I believe that it is getting more and more popular and that is why you can find it also in this project.

Tea House newsletter:

Well, this project does not sell tea, but you can invest and make a profit out of it. The project offers typical fast plans and if you are one that plays them than this surely is the opportunity to catch because administration started to advertise only a few days ago.
We inform you that on the company's website there was available an opportunity to use customer support at the help of the online chat, and also by means of the telephone hotline.
At the moment both options of the customer support are oriented to English-speaking users.
Working schedule of the telephone hotline of customer support:
From Monday to Friday, from 9 a. m. to 5 p. m. GMT+0.
Working schedule of the online chat of customer support:
Daily, seven days a week, from 10 a. m. to 9 p. m. GMT+0
These options of customer support can be expanded in the future for users who aren't knowing English.
Our program will continue to be filled with updates and improvements in the nearest future.
The administration informed us in the newsletter about support possibilities, and great thing is that you can not just contact them via e-mail or live chat, but also via telephone. In the future administration promises to add support also for other languages apart from English.

PALMILLS newsletters:

This "bio" project has been online for almost 100 days, and I'm happy to say that early investors have finished one investment cycle and second investment cycle has just begun. If you would like to know more about it check monitoring section, also there you will be able to find a link to review.
PALMILLS has repeatedly stated that its activities are designed for a sufficiently long term. That is why we are trying to figure out in detail each step in the process of company's development. The next step was the extension of our domain - - until 2020. Therefore, the next three years it will be associated with our company, and then it will be re-extended for the next three years. 
09.02.2017 you might encounter with the problem of access to the website or its slow work. This situation was the result of problem from the side of our provider hosting - within about two hours, technical team of provider was eliminating the errors on the data center's server. We apologize for the inconvenience when you were working with PALMILLS site in this period. At this point the problem is finally resolved, and our website is operating normally. For more information or solutions to problems accruals or adding deposits in the period of inactivity site, please contact technical support of PALMILLS ( The best way to do this - to join us in Telegram: .Have a nice day!
The good thing is that administration apologized for the downtime of the server because many people noticed that and I know that in an industry where money is sometimes involved even little downtime mean the end of the project. Additionally, the administration informed that they extended the lifetime of the domain, but that is not very valuable information in my mind.

CoinTransfer newsletters:

Simple investment project that pays 2.1% daily or more for 21 days (44.1% minimum guaranteed profit) and as you have noticed project have completed two investment cycles, and that is very good. If two cycles have been finished, I believe that more will come, more in review here.
Ni hao ma? We can now switch to Chinese, thanks to the newly added version of our website in this language. If the statistics are true and every fourth person on the planet is a Chinese speaker, then we have just made CoinTransfer system accessible to a quarter of the world's population.
Looks like the number of our users is going to grow exponentially - and at cosmic speeds.
Meanwhile we keep working on more exciting features for our participants and partners and are always ready to answer your questions and hear your suggestions via all feedback channels of the CoinTransfer system! By the way, our community is 4500 members and counting. If you aren't yet with us, this is a great time to join! 
Another great step to the total convenience of our users! We have just integrated with our website the NIX MONEY payment system - a powerful service with a transaction server capable of handling funds transfer within 0.4 seconds - that's what we humans usually mean when we say "instant". And it's always nice to hear.
Granted, the sound of messages that notify our users of incoming funds is even nicer. And remember, you need to open an account in the CoinTransfer system only once in order to be able to check the funds availability at any time you like - we recommend you do it once a day so each time you experience positive emotions by watching the total amount steadily increasing!
The administration simply informed about two things - Chinese language addition and new payment processor Nix Money. That's all.

I must say that weekly summary this time turned quite long, but the reason for that is quite simple - this was a first summary article within two weeks, and you know it just means two times more information to publish. What can I say - the industry is working well, and I'm looking forward how all projects will perform and if you have something to say simply post that in the chatbox! Have a successful week!


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