Sunday, April 8

Snowbit – Bitcoin investment platform

Hello moneymaker,

The second program I am going to review today is also a very new HYIP program called Snowbit. It is another cryptocurrency mining program, to be more precise -  Bitcoin mining. It has been online for 11 days in total, but it joined Standard Listing on monitor on April 1, 2018. Currently, it has the status “PAYING”. I have reinvested BTC 0.03067200 in the program and will keep you updated about the payments status on monitor. Snowbit claims that they are investing new renewable energy sources to mine Bitcoins without any additional electricity costs. So, let's take a closer look what Snowbit is about.

Like some other cryptocurrency mining HYIP’s I have reviewed recently, the Bitcoin-only program Snowbit also offers a lifetime investment plan with initial deposit included in the payments. The % daily profit of the amount of the investment is divided as follows:  0.0010 BTC - 0.0300 BTC = 1.50% daily, 0.0301 BTC - 0.1500 BTC = 3.50% daily, 0.1501 BTC - 0.3000 BTC = 5.50% daily, 0.3001 BTC - 1.0000 BTC = 6.25% daily, 1.0010 BTC - 10.0000 BTC = 6.50% daily and 10.0010 BTC - 30.0000 BTC = 7.00% daily. The minimum investment amount is 0.001 BTC, the maximum – 30 BTC. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.00150000 BTC. Withdrawal requests are processed instantly. Keep reading in case this basic information about the investment plans grabbed your attention.

As I said, Snowbit is one among a large list of cryptocurrencies mining inspired programs I have reviewed lately. However, the main characteristic that differs it from many other programs is that it is a Bitcoin-only program. I believe this is the main aspect that will both attract and turn down the potential investors. Snowbit admins have chosen quite loud marketing slogan - they call themselves a new age bitcoin mining service. Why new age? They claim to use renewable energy sources to produce bitcoins, at a lower cost. Moreover, the admins claim that the program is formed by two of Wall Street's finest financial advisors. Want to know more about Snowbit and cloud mining? Feel free to read their full legend.

This time I won’t talk too much about the website design. Why? Because this website is another standard HYIP website – simple design, standard color scheme and some sales-oriented statistics (members, total deposit, withdrawals). However, if I compare the website of Snowbit and the one I review earlier today, I have to say that this one is a bit more investor-friendly. Firstly, investment calculator (it's not the easiest to use calculator though) and a bit more informative FAQ page. Another thing that drew my attention was the selection of languages. You don’t find a combination of only English and German among HYIP websites that often. Of course, it might be the main target audiences which admins wanted to address. According to the data from Alexa rank – most traffic website receives is from Russia. Sure, Alexa must not be considered as 100% proof, but we must perceive it as a hint and assume that there are some visitors coming from Russia. Of course, the program is not very old and I’m surprised Alexa shows any data. Therefore, let’s wait another while and see if data will change and Germany will appear in the list of traffic sources.

There are many different investment plan options available according to the amount of the deposit. I usually use the amount of $200 for investment plan calculations. Therefore, it falls into the 3.5% daily investment plan (0.0301 BTC - 0.1500 BTC).  An investment of BTC 0.03067200 (approx. $200) in Snowbit would generate a daily return of 0,000355795 BTC and your investment would reach the break-even point within 29 days. If you don’t withdrawal the initial deposit and decide to keep it in for a while, then within 58 days such deposit would generate a net profit of a sum, which is equal to the initial deposit. If the program stays in the game for so long, then probably this one is worth considering. Feel free to do your own calculations and pick any amount you like to find out about the potential profit!

How to choose the right program to invest in between the many cryptocurrencies inspired program? Moreover, if the programs are quite new and are offering long-term investment plans! There are some factors that raise interest among potential investors. This time we are looking at a Bitcoin-only program with a “sustainable” mining legend and with net interest rate varying from 1.5 to 7%.  However, always remember that a HYIP is a HYIP. Therefore, if you ever decide to make any investments, don’t invest more than you can afford to lose!

Have you already made an investment in Snowbit and have any useful information to share with us? Please drop a message in the chat box to share your experience!

- Project details - investment: BTC 0.03067200

Investment plans: 1.5% up to 7% daily forever. Initial deposit included in the payments.

Payment processors: Bitcoin

Investments starting from: BTC 0.001

Cash-out: Instant

Technical status: SECURE

  • Hosting: BlazingFast LLC
  • DDoS protection:
  • Script: Custom Script

Support: Email

Affiliate reward: 6 - 2 - 1%

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CryptoLux – Financial payments network

Hello moneymaker,

This is quite a calm spring in the HYIP industry. I must admit that I was expecting more activity in terms of new programs. However, two new programs joined our monitor recently.  So, today let’s take a closer look at our latest rivals. The first HYIP I am going to review is a program called CryptoLux. This program was rated positively by the readers immediately after added to the monitor. CryptoLux has been online for 12 days in total, and it joined Golden Stage Listing on on March 30, 2018. I have reinvested $400 in the program and will keep you updated about the payments status on monitor. CryptoLux is offering us to get involved in crypto-trading by investing a capital in their trading system. Keep reading to find out more about the program and its features.

CryptoLux offers 1.16% up to 1.49% interest rate daily until reaching overall total ROI of 150%. Initial deposit is included in the payments, which means that overall net earning potential for the deposit is 50%. Admins have ranked the % daily returns the following way: Bronze 1.16%, Silver 1.25%, Gold 1.31%, Platinum 1.35%, Sapphire 1.39%, Emerald 1.42%, Ruby 1.42%, Diamond 1.49%.  The minimum investment in the program is $10, but the maximum - $500. Withdrawal requests at CryptoLux are processed manually. The minimum amount for withdrawal is $10, but the maximum amount of withdrawal is not set. The program accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ripple (XRP), Tether (USDT), Monero (XMR), Lisk Coin (LSK).

CryptoLux is another HYIP which is built upon the cryptocurrency trend. In short, CryptoLux is a decentralized blockchain based financial payments network created for users who seek independence from the third-party intermediaries like banks and governments. This program offers everyone to participate in crypto-trading by investing in their blockchain based financial payments network. CryptoLux trading system, as the admin claims, is a solution to the industries problems like a slow adaptation of latest technologies in financial industry and payments, lack of stability in the price of the digital currencies etc., providing fast payment transactions as well as opportunities for passive income. Keep in mind that I am quoting here the biography description from the website and it’s totally up to you believe it or not. If you want to learn more about the program in detail - take a look at the Whitepaper, which is available on the website and provides detailed information about investment plans and their legend.

Regarding the website, CryptoLux has a website with a professional look and pretty much standard functions for a HYIP website - simple yet modern, the design suits the overall marketing communication approach of cryptocurrency inspired HYIP. However, this is a website where you cannot find everything you need within a few clicks – investment plans, calculator etc. In case you can’t find what, you were looking for, look at the Whitepaper. Moreover, at the bottom of the home page, there is a simple contact form and you can find an online chat on the website for a quick answer. If the lack of information on the website doesn’t surprise me (lately, such web pages have become more common), then the fact that the website content is available on 14 different languages did surprise me a bit. If you are a native speaker in one the 14 languages, then let us know about the quality of translation in the chat box below!

I do always search for some extra information about programs across the internet. People on forums just share their investment and withdrawal info and that’s it for now. I think that the exchange of views is still ahead in case the program will last another while. Now there is nothing extraordinary about Cryptolux, which would put this program into a list of bad or good HYIP’s.

According to Alexa rank, the main CryptoLux audience comes from Spain, Russia, Iran, Brazil, and India. Of course, Alexa rank must be perceived only as a hint. Admins of this program have chosen to use social media in their overall marketing approach. CryptoLux Facebook account has 5284 followers and 1232 Twitter followers. In March during the launch of the program both profiles were very active. However, since the last post on March 30, the Facebook profile is silent, and the Twitter account has only one post.

So, the most important part for me and many of our readers – the investment opportunities. Unfortunately, an investment calculator is not available on the website, however, you can see the calculation of an investment on the dashboard. Just to make it easier to understand what’s what here a quick calculation is. For example, an investment of $200 in CryptoLux would generate a daily return of $2.32 (Rank Bronze). With 1.16% interest rate it takes 87 days to reach the break-even point and 129 days to reach the end of it when $200 investment would have made a net profit of $100. The downside is that the minimum withdrawal is $10, therefore you can withdrawal your profit once in 4,5 days.

Today we are looking at a comparably new program with mid-term plans. I wouldn’t say they are the most beneficial. However, they seem to be realistic in terms of running a program for some while due to fact that deposit is included in the payments and lower interest rates, which are more common among mid-term and long-term investment plan programs. The program website looks professional. Let’s see if it goes viral and admin manages to run it at least to allow finishing the first investment cycle for early-bird investors. As usual, if you ever decide to make any investments, don’t invest more than you can afford to lose!

Have you already made an investment in CryptoLux and have any useful information to share with us? Please drop a message in the chat box to share your experience! 

- Project details - investment: $400

Investment plans: 1.16% up to 1.49% daily until 150%. Initial deposit included in the payments.

Payment processors: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash, Dash

Investments starting from: $10

Cash-out: Manual

Technical status: SECURE

  • SSL: COMODO ECC Domain
  • Hosting: Cloudflare
  • DDoS protection: Cloudflare
  • Script: Custom Script

Support: Contact form

Affiliate reward: 8-0.2%

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Monday, March 26

BtcRush - Interview

Hello moneymaker,

More than a week ago BtcRush joined Sticky Listing on Since the first day on our monitor, the program has been working well and it has status “Paying”. Last week I published a review about BtcRush. However, considering how popular cryptocurrency mining programs are at the moment, I thought it would be interesting to do an interview with the admin of BtcRush. No matter if you hear about BtcRush for the first time or have already made a deposit in the program, keep reading to get an insight from the admin.
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Thursday, March 22

Real Estate Markets LTD – Real estate leasing

Hello moneymaker,

In today’s review, let’s put aside cryptocurrency mining and take a closer look at real estate markets. One of the latest rivals on monitor is a program called Real Estate Markets LTD. It has been online for 85 days in total. An oldie, right? However, it joined Sticky Listing on our monitor just recently - on March 15, 2018. Currently, the program has status “PAYING”. I have reinvested $360 in the program and will keep you updated about the payments status on monitor. Real Estate Markets LTD offers us to earn from real estate in the most affluent cities in the world. Read on to find out more about the program and their offer.
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Wednesday, March 21

BtcRush – Cryptocurrency mining

Hello moneymaker,

This week we have experienced “technical problems” with two HYIP programs. One of which was quite well-recognized among investors. Whether these programs are really having technical issues, or they are shortly turning into scams, we will see shortly. Meanwhile, let’s take a closer look to one of the latest rivals on monitor. BtcRush is another cryptocurrency mining inspired program. It has been online for 8 days in total, but it joined Sticky Listing on monitor on March 14, 2018. Currently, it has the status “PAYING”. I have reinvested $360 in the program and will keep you updated about the payments status on monitor. Admins point out that the program it as ideal for everyone – both the new investors and the crypto-currency business sharks. Let’s take a closer look what BtcRush is really about!
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Tuesday, March 20

ETHMine – Ether mining platform

Hello moneymaker,

Today I am going to review a program called ETHMine. ETHMine is another program, which positions itself as a mining platform. It has been online for 25 days in total. The program joined Golden Stage on monitor 9 days ago, and on the 20th March, it has the status “PAYING”. I have reinvested $400 in the program and will keep you updated about the payments status on our monitor. Shortly after joining, ETHMine caused various reactions on our chat – the program was described both as a good one and as a program with a catch. Therefore, let's take a closer look at ETHMine to have our own opinion about it!
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Wednesday, March 14

Avast Coin Limited – Trading & Mining Program

Hello moneymaker,

This week seems kind of calm from the side of the programs. I’m not very fond of it but it’s probably because the last couple of weeks we saw many programs scamming. No, I don’t want to jinx it, but we always need to know that it can happen anytime with any program. It’s just a nature of this industry. In the meanwhile, we see some solid players on our monitor that have kept investors satisfied for a good a while.
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Tuesday, March 13

Transport Alliance – International Freight Transportation

Hello moneymaker,

Even though the activity in the industry is increasing after a long winter sleep, the activity is still low compared to the march of 2017. I will not speculate here about the possible reasons. The good news is – a couple of programs with interesting legends have joined monitor in the past days. It’s not that they are somehow better, but I believe we want to hear something different from time to time. In fact, today’s program is not your usual cryptocurrency story. The program is called Transport Alliance. It joined the Sticky listing on monitor 7 days ago. In total it has been online for 18 days. Now I have reinvested in this HYIP $200 and will keep you updated with the payment status in the following days and weeks.

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Saturday, March 10

Yose Trade Limited – Crypto trading

Hello moneymaker,

This week two HYIP’s from monitor turned into scam. However, a few new programs have joined us lately and today I am going to review one of them. Yose Trade Limited is another cryptocurrency inspired program which has been online for 6 days in total. The program has joined Golden Stage on monitor on March 5, 2018, and on the 10th of march it has the status “PAYING”. I have reinvested $400 in the program and will keep you updated about the payments status on monitor. The website of the program promises to “change our lives with them”. Let’s find out how they plan to do it!
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Monday, March 5

Cryptocurrencies – is it too late to start investing or is it exactly the right time?

Hello everyone,

Probably some of my readers remember an article about Litecoin I published on a couple of years ago when Bitcoin price hit a record peak of $1000 (a major for that time). Of course, shortly after the dramatic increase, the value of bitcoin plunged affecting Litecoin value as well. A year ago, Litecoin price was under $5, but currently, it has increased to a couple of hundred bucks, however this time the story is not about the Litecoin.
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Wednesday, February 28

Coin Trade Finance LTD – cryptocurrency trading

Hello moneymaker,

Even though there are currently only 7 programs monitored on we have another program, which was waiting for a review. Coin Trade Finance LTD joined Golden Stage on on the 19th of February. This program compared to the previous one is offering investment plans only with withdrawals after a certain number of days – 1, 3, 5 etc. More days – higher interest rates – theoretically higher profit. In total, this HYIP has been online for 17 days. On the 28th of February, it still has status “PAYING” on our monitor. Now I have reinvested in this program $400 and will keep you updated on the payment status.

Coin Trade Finance LTD offers 8 different investment plans with deposit term starting from 1 day up to 45 days. For all investment plans deposit is included in the interest rate. Minimum deposit for Coin Trade Finance LTD investment plans is $25 and maximum $100 000. Interest rates for each plan depend on the deposited amount. Interest rates for three plans with shortest investment terms are as follows: 105% up to 125% after 1 day, 117% up to 190% after 3 days, 135% up to 300% after 5 days. Minimum deposits of $25 in all these plans would have minimum net profit rates: 1 day – 5% net revenue daily, 3 days – 5,7% net revenue daily, 5 days – 7% net revenue daily. Feel free to do your own calculations to understand the real benefit of each investment plan. Moreover, there is also a calculator on the homepage of the Coin Trade Finance LTD website!

Admin of the Coin Trade Finance LTD chose the same path as the program I review yesterday by registering UK company for the program. Feel free to check the validity of the company certificate – number, name and address match on the website and Companies House website (service for checking UK registered company information). In the meanwhile, it doesn’t have to do anything with the long-term approach of the program because as we have seen lately both types of programs - with and without registered companies - are collapsing.

Coin Trade Finance LTD has a pretty much generic legend, which can be easily replaced and is not memorable at all. However, it’s the story of each cryptocurrency related legend because there is not much to write about. Going into details about trading might not be very interesting for potential investors. Besides that, most of us are interested in investment plans, withdrawal terms, and status of the HYIP on monitors. In fact, there was some complains today on our chat about the withdrawal time of Coin Trade Finance LTD, which according to the FAQ page is 24 business hours. The downside of 24 business hours is that admin can buy 3 full business days before we realize that it has already scammed. In case any of you notice anything unusual about Coin Trade Finance LTD withdrawals, drop a message in the chat box. In the meanwhile, my withdrawal is still being processed, but in the past, it usually took a few hours to receive it.

The overall impression of the website – light and easy to use website. On the homepage, we can find major information about the program, some stats (always be critical about statistics provided by admins), investment plan information and calculator. I would like to add that the investor panel is also easy to use and right after the first login I knew where to go next, which in many programs is difficult. The website is built using ready-made HYIP scripts from Gold Coders, but the design seems to be unique. At least, I don’t recall similar design websites monitored on

Coin Trade Finance LTD accepts payments from the following systems - PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. As usually, for withdrawals you can use the same wallet as for the deposits. Withdrawals can be requested only after the end of the investment term of the chosen plan. Withdrawal (transaction) fees are applicable only for Bitcoin withdrawals – BTC 0.001. Withdrawals are processed manually and are within 24 business hours.

In total there are 8 plans, but I would consider only three of them with the shortest deposit terms of 1, 3 and 5 days. $200 deposit would make a net profit of $10 in the plan “125% after 1 day”, $34 in the plan “190% after 3 days” and $70 “300% after 5 days”. To make these plans comparable we are talking about daily net revenue of $10, $11 and $14. Here we can see that the first plan is still safer because we can request withdrawals every day.

Today we are looking at a 2,5 weeks old program with short-term plans. As usual, the downside of such programs is that “all eggs are in one basket” and admin can hardly predict the number of withdrawals, which is more predictable for investment plans where only accruals are withdrawn. Sure, there are some generous programs, which satisfy their investors for some while in both types of HYIP’s. In the meanwhile, website, and program look well. The only question is how long it will last and if the admin will use a joker card with 24 business hour withdrawal time to buy some time when the program is already a scam. However, due to the unpredictable nature of HYIP’s we can’t predict anything. Therefore, if you ever decide to make any investments, don’t invest more than you can afford to lose!

Have you already made an investment in Coin Trade Finance LTD and have any useful information to share with us? Please drop a message in the chat box to share your experience!

- Project details - investment: $400

Investment plans: 105% up to 125% after 1 day, 117% up to 190% after 3 days, 135% up to 300% after 5 days, initial deposit included in the payment. Ignore other plans.

Payment processors: Perfect Money, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Payeer, AdvCash

Investments starting from: $25

Cash-out: Manual

Technical status: SECURE

  • SSL: COMODO RSA Domain Validation;
  • Hosting: Dancom Ltd;
  • DDoS protection: DDoS-GUARD;
  • Script: Gold Coderst;

Support: Contact form, e-mail, phone number

Affiliate reward: 5%

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Tuesday, February 27

WOLF INVEST – Bitcoin trading and mining

Hello moneymaker,

I just realized this is the 5th review this month. There were quite a few surprises this month – programs which turned into scams even before I managed to wrote a review. Indeed, the HYIP industry is unpredictable. Even though there are certain scenarios played by admins, it’s still almost impossible to say if the program is here to stay on the monitor for one day or a month. Sure, it’s still worth checking additional information about monitored programs. This review is not an exception and I will try to provide a brief insight into a program called WOLF INVEST.
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Wednesday, February 14

MeguroStar - An investment platform

Hello moneymaker,

We have two new rivals to the monitor, which were changed from “IN PROGRESS” to “PAYING” in these days. Unfortunately, one of them turned into a scam yesterday. I would say one of the quickest scams lately.  Today I will review a program called MeguroStar, which joined Sticky Listing on monitor on the 8th of February. It has been online in total for 10 days. MeguroStar is another program with blockchain madness backed legend, but with a simple but visually appealing website. Now I have reinvested in this program $360 and will keep you updated about the payment status on the monitor page. Keep reading to find out more about MeguroStar and its main characteristics.
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Friday, February 9

MARVEL TRADE LTD – house auction HYIP

Hello moneymaker,

I can tell that HYIP industry is currently waking up and the activity is increasing. Activity in the industry means tons of new HYIP’s. Some of them are here to stay for a while and make a dime for investors but some of them will be a quick scam. Unfortunately, there is no method to distinguish what is what due to unpredictable nature of admins and status of each program. It’s just a friendly reminder to you all. As you can see many programs look fine one day but the following day the 24/7 support by any of these HYIP’s is no longer offered and they are long gone…

Still, you are here to find some information about HYIP’s and I’m going to provide it. Today I’m reviewing a program, which joined Standard listing on monitor 7 days ago. MARVEL TRADE LTD is a program offering mid-term plans with daily interest rates from 5% to 6.5% on business days with initial deposit included in them. The program has been already online for 4 weeks. My reinvestment in this program is $200 and it has a “PAYING” status on monitor since 09.02.18. Let’s take a better look at the program and its main features.

MARVEL TRADE LTD is offering 4 investment plans for 12 to 80 business days. Minimum withdrawal is varying from $10 to $3000 depending on the chosen. I assume that the highest potential has the plan called “Prodigy” – 2.8% daily (deposit returned at the end) for 12 business days due to its minimum deposit of $20 and shorter deposit term. No offense but 50, 65 and 85 business days seem a very long-term if compared to 12 business days. Besides, you can add extra 2 days to every 5 days in the term to understand how much time it takes to finish the investment cycle. For example, 12 business days most likely will be 16 days in total depending on the day when you enter the program. Does sound fine to you? Keep reading in case you are still interested.

I must admit that MARVEL TRADE LTD legend and the website looks like a fast job due to several reasons. First, there are many typos on the website. Second, the legend begins with the statement “The company's main field of activity is the sales of lots at auction houses throughout the world”, but afterword’s I don’t see any other references to this topic and rest of the content on “About Us” page is generic text, which can be used for any other program. Third, Marvel is a company that owns a number of iconic comic characters and I’m afraid that MARVEL TRADE LTD has copied its logotype. Moreover, the character on the homepage is not one of their “300 experts” but one of the comic characters. I know, it has nothing to do with the performance of the program and programs with quality looking websites turn in to scam as well. I just have this feeling that this program was made in hurry.

The website is available for its visitors in English and Russian. I already shared my impression about the English version. Feel free to check the Russian version and tell us if it also has any typos. MARVEL TRADE LTD has active SSL certificate until the may of this year. In terms of functions, it’s very simple – content, news feed, FAQ block and links to the personal cabinet. In case you want to estimate the potential benefit – use your own calculator.

Some important information about withdrawals and payments. MARVEL TRADE LTD accepts payments with 4 most common payment options in the HYIP industry – AdvCash, Payeer, PerfecMoney, and Bitcoin. Minimum withdrawal is $1 and there is no withdrawal fee. Accruals are calculated every business day and withdrawals are processed instantly. Feel free to contact MARVEL TRADE LTD (e-mail or contact form on the website) in case you would like to find out more about the program or some features that are not mentioned on their website.

I already mentioned that most likely highest potential of attracting investors has a plan called “Prodigy” with a net profit of 33% within 12 business days. For example, $200 investment in this plan would generate $5.6 a day and the deposit is returned at the end of the deposit term. Basically, if the program survives 12 business days, the net profit for such investment would be $66, which is not bad for a term of 2-week deposit.

Let’s take a quick look also at the plan called “Art” – 5% daily for 50 business days (deposit included in accruals). It takes 20 business days (approx. 4 weeks) to reach the break-even point and another 7 business days to make the profit similar amount we could make the plan called “Prodigy”. This calculation proves the statement that “Prodigy” is more beneficial.

The downside of the most common plan is that return of initial deposits will cause withdrawals of larger amounts from time to time. Why does it matter? There is a larger possibility that large sums will be leaving the program if compared to programs where the initial deposit is included in the payments. On one hand, MARVEL TRADE LTD has 3 other plans where the initial deposit is included in accruals, but they are less attractive due to long investment terms. Keep in mind, I’m here to take a better look at programs and share my thoughts. It’s not possible to predict the future of any program on or other monitors. Therefore, if you ever decide to make any investments, don’t invest more than you can afford to lose!

Have you already made an investment in MARVEL TRADE LTD and have any useful information to share with us? Please drop a message in the chat box to share your experience!

- Project details - investment: $200

Investment plans: 2.8% daily for 12 business days, initial deposit returned at the end of the investment term. 5% up to 6.5% daily for 50 up to 80 business days, initial deposit included in the payments.

Payment processors: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer, AdvCash

Investments starting from: $20

Cash-out: Instant

Technical status: SECURE

  • SSL: CloudFlare;
  • Hosting: CloudFlare;
  • DDoS protection: CloudFlare;
  • Script: Custom Script;

Support: Contact form, email

Affiliate reward: 5%

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Tuesday, February 6

BitXgroup Ltd – increase earning potential

Hello money maker,

The second program I’m reviewing today is called BitXgroup Ltd. It has been monitored on for 6 days and has been online for 9 days in total. BitXgroup Ltd has joined Golden Stage and I have reinvested in it $400 to monitor its performance. Currently, it has “PAYING” status on our monitor and there is not much to say about it yet. Keep reading to find out more about its investment plans and other features.
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